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If · you · cant · laugh · at · yourself,

aint it a fine life, carrying the banner through it all

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today I walked down the hall and saw one of my freshman teachers who i love. I said hi to him, and he said hey ariel, i read your editors desk, great job. and proceeded to tell me what he liked about it. and then that the paper as a whole was great.

afterwards, when i was walking downt he same hallway, when it was empty, and all you could see were the not yet touched lions roars in piles at the foot fo the stairs becayse school hadnt started yet, i smiled.

a big smile. not a wimpy smile like you usually smile to yourself. but a big grinning smile.

it's mine. the paper, it's my labor of love, so to speak. i mean, im not just a news editor, or just a features editor, i'm an everything editor.

everything that goes in is my blood sweat and tears.

and that feeling is the best feeling in the world.

I will never have a better feeling in my heart than i do when i walk down the halls after 3 sleepless nights and see every kid i pass in the halls holding a piece of my life.

i dont think non paper kids can understand that. it just draws you in.

you cant escape, like how now that i had 2000 papers in my trunk today, the smell will never fade, and the newsprint of the 4500+ papers i handled today will never fully fade either.

im forever leaving marks on the walls of my house. it drives my mom crazy that i come home with newsprint on my hands, and then touch the walls, and leave my little black smudges behind.

in a way thats what happens with the paper. I work and then everyone gets a part of it, and remembers it.

i asked a girl at graduation if she wanted a paper. no thanks, she said, i already got one and commited it to memory. there's a story about budgets on page 15.

and even though i knew she was joking, i smiled and said, no, budgets is on page two, page 15 is fire drills.
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