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If · you · cant · laugh · at · yourself,

life is going to seem a whole lot longer than youd like

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ever had that relationship where you hate someone SOOOOO much that you just cant be near them anymore but you KNOW that you have to if you want to get something in the long run?

that would by my relationship with my history textbook right about now

3 more days

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the ap is in less than two weeks. the sat ii is in less than two weeks.

all that studying history does is make me resent the people who, back in the day, screwed up and made the stuff happen that i have to study now.

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so, we went on college tours for vacation. it was okay, it REALLY reminded me of wheels though, for a few reasons...driving for countless hours in the middle of nowhere while listening to my music and having to pee whenever you stop even if you dont have to go so that you wont get stuck later...it was a good time cept there were no wheelnicks, just my parents, annnd i was doing history notes the whole time... but yeah... in other news

on wednesday i FINISHED brinkly. FINISHED brinkly. lemme just say that one more time...I FINISHED BRINKLY> does anyone realize how amazing that is? it means i NEVER have to take notes on american history EVER again in my life. nto that i dont like american history-i do- but i HATE note taking

yeah, thats the basic update

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strange week....roar roar roar and more roar...then a little speech, then a little be being poed then me not knowing i got an honorably mention at speech states (whoot)thennn alittle pdor then a little mitch is comung to paste up tomorrow? like what? then alittle history notes to do and lot of other shizzle
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nooo its not a physical malady, but i have decided that the worst type and timing of an ilness is spring fever in your junior year.

By spring fever i mean the innate instinct that you have to jump on a swing set and swing to the stars, the uncontrolable urge to roll down a hill and mess up your hair with grass, the sensation you feel of the sun on your face and it actually getting above 32 degrees, the feeling of finally wearing a skirt and letting your feet go out of sneekers for the first time in six months.

The problem with spring fever is, of course junior year. Junior year which starts of hard, and keeps getting harder, which locks you up inside your room infront of your computer for countless hours on end, which gives you new responsability and new stress right when you should be running free in a field, which makes you take 10 sat tests before april 1st, which makes you control your uncontrolable urges, which only make you want to reach for the stars even more, and yet constantly makes you feel as though you are going to fall.

I want to run outside in the sun, but I know that i cant. I want to swing on the swings, but this SAT prep book makes me feel guilty. I want to blow off the world and go for a walk, maybe even a run, but being editor in cheif makes that impossible.

I want to roll down a hill, but i know that all junior year will allow me to do is sit in my room, type this, and wait longingly for summer.
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formally jefferson, then jackson, then wilson (woaah, trend with the son's there)
my new favorite president is truman. thank you
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is it really that suprising that we have american exceptionalism? A.K.A. that america thinks it's gods gift to the world? not really, the initials of our country are U and S

what does that spell? us.

so is it REALLY that suprising that we are so self centered and selfish?
lol. i just realized that, and thought it was cool. kudos to me

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so lately ive been really into the shins and the postal service, and they have some REALLY good lines in there songs which i am posting

"I am thinking it's a sign, that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they perfectly allign."

"Last night i had the strangest dream,
where everything was exactly how it seemed,
where there was never any mystery,
of who shot John F. Kennedy,
it was, just a man with something to proove,
slightly bored and severly confused
he steadied his rifle with his target in the center
and became famous on that day in november."

"I was waiting for a cross town train in the london underground
when it struck me
that ive been waiting since birth to find a love that would look and sound
like a movie."

"your stupid verse is just a line,
you tell yourself to help you get by"

"i kissed you in a style clark gable would have admired."

"i want so badly to believe that there is truth and love is real,
and i want life and everyword to the extent that it's upsurd."

actually, these are all postal service cause once i started listening to them, i didnt want to stop to switch to the shins...:-D Shins to come later?
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-home from florida
-it was ok
-did 3 chapters of history notes
-very productive of me
-saw the grandparents
-saw the cousins
-flew back
-had a cold
-went deaf
-can kinda sorta hear now
-got a hair cut
-i like it
-hangin with some people tonight
-more work tomorrow
-then back to the constant drag
-march will be the worst month of my life
-after that, it's basically over though...yay
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